Friday, March 19, 2010

Watch the Face

Many SME proprietors are recognized experts in their field. As such, their name and image can be a powerful marketing tool. Other proprietors might want to convey a personal, direct approach to their customers and using an image of themselves is a good way to do so.

Regardless of the reason, you should carefully consider the implications and consequences before deciding to use your image as part of your marketing and advertising.

Fortunately, it has nothing to do with your looks (well…., no, nothing!) On the contrary, customers perceive merely human, un-photoshopped images as authentic and that reflects on your brand.

The Problem is Control. When Colonel Sanders made the decision to be the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, he had total control over his image. His customers saw only what he decided they would see. Never a frown, never a cocktail in hand; always in control.

Would the Colonel have the same control over his image today? Not a chance. Aside from the paparazzi that would plague his fame, the omnipresence of digital cameras, cell phones and instant messaging would make it far more difficult, if not impossible, for the Colonel to control his image as before.

Fortunately or not, most of us don’t have to deal with the fame issue, but, if you want to use your image to help promote your business, you must exercise as much control as possible over that image. And that's not as easy as it used to be.

You don’t want your brand showing up on FaceBook with its pants down!

By Stephen Da Cambra

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